Does Your Site Have Award Winning Web Design?

So what makes websites award winning? Typically, there are four main categories used when determining award winning web designs:

Awwwards, a site dedicated to awarding web designers on their sites, uses this exact criteria by weighing design as the most important category (following is usability, then creativity, and lastly, content). These categories are applicable not just to computers, but mobile and tablet devices as well. Although some users, like Awwwards, may place certain categories with precedence over others, all should be applied to make a site function at its optimal use.


img1 Probably one of the most important categories for determining an award winning web design is design itself. Effective web design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but clearly conveys the intention of the site. When users find a website, they should understand what the site has to offer, whether it is services from a business or products from an Ecommerce site. Web design can make or break potential leads for the particular business. If users do not fully understand what the site is intending to do or what benefits it offers, they are less likely to utilize its services or buy its products. In addition, a clear call to action as well as contact information should be implemented above the website’s fold where users can see it.


img2The easier your site is to use, the better. If users can easily access your site with quick load times on numerous devices, chances are that your site will be memorable. However, remember not to sacrifice quality for easy user accessibility – you can have both with a clean web design and engaging content that users will appreciate. Your website should also have content that is easy to share as well. This includes no broken links, a share button that is visible, and numerous options (ex. Social networks, text, email, etc) to share to.


img3In the world of trending topics, certain topics gain clout due to the “stickiness” factor, or the fact that they are eye catching and interesting. The same principle applies to the creativity factor in award winning web design. When a web design is original, aesthetically pleasing and stimulating, users are more likely to remember the website, discuss it, or share it to online networks. Not to mention, it shows innovativeness and the ability to think outside the box, which users may associate with the services or products provided on the site.


img4Regardless of what services or products your business sells, extensive research is essential to really understand your target audience. The same goes for web design – you want to understand what your desired consumers are looking for and how they will search for it. Creators of sites with award winning web design know this. Expert web designers tailor their work to each of their clients’ demographic, including whether the client base prefers mobile responsive sites, video based content, interactive features, above the fold call to actions and more. This notion applies to various industries, from luxurious travel agencies to food businesses, from hair companies to clothing stores.